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 writes the lifestyle blog Jaclyn Day and I personally think she has one of the most thoughtful blogs on Tumblr. She may have started posting outfits and good sales, but her book reviews, life musings, beauty posts, and gift guides keep me coming back for more—she puts such thought and effort into every post.  See what she picked below…

If I could go anywhere this weekend I would go to: Nova Scotia! I have family there and we used to spend so many summers exploring. It’s beautiful and unique and there are a lot of options for getting there: you can go by car (road trip!), fly into Halifax or take a ferry from New Brunswick (my favorite option).

I would eat: Seafood. Nova Scotia has tons of fresh seafood: lobster, fish, scallops. Chowder or fish and chips are always a good pick. Halifax has higher end seafood restaurants (The Five Fisherman or Onyx), but I think it’s more fun to explore and find smaller, less tourist-y spots. Driving along the coastline and stopping at restaurants in the small towns is the best way to go! My grandparents live near the small town of Bridgewater and there is a diner in town called Waves that has the best chowder and fish and chips. If you make it to Lunenburg (a really gorgeous coastal city), Rum Runner is great. Mahone Bay, another favorite day trip, has lots of restaurants along the main street, but we always liked Rebecca’s Restaurant because my vegetarian sister had lots of options there! 

I would want to see and do: Peggy’s Cove is a must-see. Try to go at off-peak hours to avoid the crowds. If this weekend trip was in the summer, we’d definitely stop at a few beaches (Lawrencetown Beach, for example). The Bay of Fundy, with the largest tidal range on earth, is fun to explore when the tide is out. I’d also be sure to bring the bikes so we could stop at the Cabot Trail! While we’re there, it would be hard not to book a whale-watching tour too. 

I would buy: Pewter jewelry from Amos Pewter in Mahone Bay and a Nova Scotia tartan throw. 

I would stay: I’d rent a farmhouse or cabin on Airbnb. Bonus points if it’s near a lake or has views of the ocean! 

Great response—thanks again, Jaclyn!

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