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Pack Your Bags: Stockholm, Sweden

Since our husbands were in the U.S. for various wedding festivities, Alex and I decided to head to Stockholm for a girls weekend.  Although the forecast predicted rain all weekend, we had absolutely amazing weather and such a fun trip.

We arrived late Friday night and took the train into the city.  After putting our things down at our hotel, Hotel Birger Jarl, we stopped in a local pub for a drink.  

We woke up excited to tour the city on Saturday! If you don’t know much about Stockholm (which I didn’t) you would be surprised to find out that it is made up of a few little islands. First, we wandered to Gamla Stan (Old Town) where the Royal Palace is located.  Then, we headed to Skeppsholmen (Museum Island) but it was too nice outside to go into any museums. 

Around lunchtime, we met up with my Au Pair from when I was a kid, Anna, who lives outside Stockholm.  She was so sweet to take the train into town and so we all met at Östermalms Saluhall for some traditional Swedish food.  After lunch we walked the island of Djurgarden and saw the press outside of Nordic Museum waiting for the King’s arrival — there was an event for his 40th Jubilee Celebration.  

We stopped for a coffee and a Coke (and some swedish licorice) and then bid farewell to Anna.  

Alex and I rested up for our night out in Stockholm! We went for a drink at Riche, an upscale and L.A.-type bar, and then went to Sturehof for a delicious dinner.  The upstairs bar at the restaurant gets busy with a younger crowd and a DJ so we went up for one last drink before heading home.

Sunday was a later start (see above), but we did hit up a few stores: Acne Studios and Svenskt Tenn.  Svenskt Tenn reminded us both of Liberty London and had amazing textiles and home decor.

We also found ourselves in the middle of some type of Swedish pride festival outside of the palace.  

It was such a great and easy weekend trip—highly recommended for those who are living or visiting Europe!  Plus, you can admire all of the beautiful Swedish locals and their white-haired children.

Travel Tips:

-The Arlanda Express is the easiest way to get from the airport to Downtown Stockholm.  Book in advance and you can just get right on the train (discounts for the more people you book for).

-The cab situation is pretty strange.  We only two took cabs and had bad experiences both times.  I would limit your cab rides if possible and try to get an idea of the price before they start driving.  

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